Moodle Moot 2016 Day 1 of 3

Moodle Moot 2016 Day 1 of 3

London Moodlemoot 2016

What a great conference thus far.  Some familiar faces, and some real faces I can actually put to Twitter avatars.  Officially we have not even kicked off yet (today is the hackfest) and it’s already awesome.  I spent the morning in the Mobile App Session and I am in awe of the work that has gone into the Moodle Mobile App and what is to come in the future.

We were lucky enough to be given a sneak peak into quiz support in the app, and to be told that ALL core quiz question types will be supported in a future release!

Mark Aberdour chaired a superb interactive session, which encouraged us to compare and contrast the mobile app experience vs the Moodle Mobile App experience, and having the core Moodle App developers explain some of their design decisions was extremely insightful.  We spent the morning creating Moodle activities and analysing the mobile user experience which was intertwined with roadmap sneak peaks.  Another discovery was planned support for assignment uploads within the app. Proving that the official Moodle Mobile app is the best in its class.

Lunch was fantastic, the venue is fantastic.  We are 4 floors underground which is starting to feel like the start of a Zombie movie, I expect the world to have ended when we finally go upstairs back to civilisation.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the developer hackfest, where Juan Leyva went through Moodle API’s in quite some detail.

Next up is the drinks reception.

Tomorrow I shall blog Day 2.

Follow the conference using the hashtag: #mootieuk16


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