MoodleMoot 09 UK

This years MoodleMoot 09 was great.  The keynote by Martin (above) was very interesting.  The future of Moodle looks solid, and the addition of proposed Moodle API’s will lead to so much more interactivity.

Imagine an iPhone app, an Adobe AIR app and seamless integration with other API’s such as Twitter and Facebook.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Moodle 2 themes are going to be slightly different but there will be much more customisation available without having to hack the core code.  I might start working on a Moodle 2.0 theme now.

The workshops were very enlightening and the food was awesome, and best of all, 244 people attended making it the biggest one yet.

Visit the MoodleMoot website


AJAX Moodle user search

Having found the user search on Moodle very cumbersome I decided it was time to create an AJAX driven user search.  Every time I used the old search and entered a filter I was prompted to remove it before performing a new search.

By using my new AJAX search, results are displayed as I type, this allows me to find users much faster.  I have added links next to the results so I can quickly go to the user profile pages, messages or Moodle detective.

Read messages from blocked users

One of the most annoying things about the Moodle messaging system is that when a user receives a message from a user who has blocked them it doesn’t show.

The message windows still pops up and says there is a message waiting but the user in unable to read it.

Many of our students complained about this as the pop-ups become increasingly annoying.

To fix this I changed the code in /message/discussion.php

I removed the initial check which looks for the blocked user so that the message appears, this allows the user to read the message, so the pop-ups disappear.

I then wrote a simple if/else statement that checks if the user is blocked and therefore does not show the message editor window and the user cannot send a message to someone who has blocked them.Sounds confusing?  And it was?  But it works brilliantly.



Moodle Detective

Moodle Detective is a tool which collates user information from Moodle and displays it on a page that only Administrators can access.

Moodle Detective came about when I was asked to investigate an particular students” Moodle activity.  This student had been sending inappropriate messages to other users and posting obscene things in the forums.

It was then we realised that we needed a reporting feature in Moodle that would bring up a users entire message, blog and forum logs…and that”s exactly what Moodle Detective Does!’,