Moodle Forum Subscription change

When a user posts to a forum and unless they click otherwise they are then subscribed to that forum.  Many of our users don’t read that far down the page and then complain to me when they receive 100+ forum posts via email.

To stop this from happening I changed the default subscription option at the bottom of the forum reply page so that the default option is DO NOT receive copies of this forum by email. 

Here’s how to do it:

We need to change 2 lines of code in the file /mod/forum/post_forum.php (around line 47)


$options[0] = get_string(”subscribestop”, ”forum”);$options[1] = get_string(”subscribestart”, ”forum”);


$options[0] = get_string(”subscribestart”, ”forum”);$options[1] = get_string(”subscribestop”, ”forum”);

Now the user must select the subscribe option when replying to a forum if that is what they want to do.

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