Interesting Moodle stats for Leeds City College

Now that the term is underway and we have 1 single merged VLE I thought it would be a good time to view some statistics as to how big the Leeds City College Moodle installation actually is. After visiting I realise we are a long way away from breaking into the top 10 but its still not bad for a UK Further Education College.

You can get a lot of this information by clicking on the notifications link in your site admin menu and clicking on “Moodle Registration“, the rest of the stats were obtained using SQL queries and Google Analytics.

At the time this blog post was written we had:

  • 18,425 active students (this will increase as more students logon during the year)
  • 1773 active Staff accounts (1224 with editing rights)
  • 205,971 Role Assignments
  • 4421 Moodle courses
  • 429 Course categories
  • 46,708 resources totaling 110 GB of data!
  • 2932 Forums with 44,330 Forum Posts
  • 1365 quizzes with 15,157 questions in the quiz bank
  • 1505 online assignments
  • 14,046 labels
  • In the last week we had 78 iPhone visits, 28 iPad Visits, 21 iPod Touch visits and 18 Android visits

This information may be of use to you if you are planning to scale your Moodle site and shows how quickly a site can grow once you get the tutors on board!

Now that I have this information I am in even more awe of how good Moodle actually is.

Moodle Stats

Considering the size of the data, the sheer number of role assignments and all the other things going on under the hood such as quizzes, forums and assignment submissions and then it has to authenticate against our enrollment database and sync with various LDAP servers I’m amazed it works as well as it does. And to think that has nearly 1 million users and the Open University has over half a million….amazing stuff!

Moodle Tip-Reset your course for the new term

The new term is nearly upon us and lots of tutors are running about doing last minute Moodle changes to their course areas. One question that keeps coming up is “How do I reset my course and clear last years students?

The answer is simple, use the course reset feature in the course admin block.

This little gem is often missed and tutors are rarely informed of its use during Moodle training.

Upon clicking the button the tutor can perform the following course options:

  • Delete course logs
  • Delete course events from the calendar
  • Delete user notes
  • Unenrol users (the important one!)
  • Clear the gradebook
  • Delete Groups/Groupings
  • Delete assignment submissions
  • Empty course forums
  • Clear roles

I would recommend performing a course backup first before you clear assignment submissions and grades!

Moodle ZIP error fix for Windows using UNC Paths

Apologies for the confusing blog title, I did this so that other users with the same problem could find it easily in Google.

The problem:
We recently moved our Moodle installation onto separate Windows servers.  The MoodleData folder now resides on a separate box to the webserver.  Everything was great until we tried to use any of the ZIP features in Moodle.  Course restore, course backups, SCORM Packages etc… simply would not work.  After spending long days and late evenings trawling through the Moodle libraries and searching the forums I managed to find a fix, courtesy of Kiran Dhaman.

The Fix:
Easy once you know how.

In congif.php, make sure you put 4 backslashes in the UNC path to the MoodleData folder,
For example:

$CFG->dataroot  = '\\\\pathtoserver\moodledata';


Now edit lib/moodle.lib

Find this code:

function cleardoubleslashes ($path) {
    return preg_replace('/(\/|\\\){1,}/','/',$path);

And replace with this code:

function cleardoubleslashes ($path) {

if (substr($path, 0, 2) == "\\\\" or substr($path, 0, 2) == "//")
return $path;
return preg_replace('/(\/|\\\){1,}/','/',$path);


And now the ZIP functions work again!  This is only an issue with Windows Server setups, and Petr ┼ákoda has stated that there can’t be an official fix as this is a PHP limitation but has hinted it may be resolved in Moodle 2.0.