Moodle Twitter Post Block

Twitter PostI have just finished an early release of my Moodle Twitter Block.  The block simply allows you to post a tweet to a Twitter account.  At present it asks you to enter your Twitter username and password but I will be customising this to pull the data from user profile fields already in Moodle.  A lot of work has already been done on a similar block by M3 ( but I wanted to create my

Moodle Bar almost ready for public release

My Moodle bar is almost ready for public release.  I have cleaned the code up (a lot), the bar now installs with just one simple PHP include tag in the footer of your Moodle theme.  The buttons now have a CSS based tooltip rollover (like Facebook).  I just have a few Internet Explorer 7 glitches to take care of.

I am also planning a notifications module for the bar which will alert users of messages, deadlines and calendar events.