Moodle Twitter Post Block

Twitter PostI have just finished an early release of my Moodle Twitter Block. The block simply allows you to post a tweet to a Twitter account. At present it asks you to enter your Twitter username and password but I will be customising this to pull the data from user profile fields already in Moodle. A lot of work has already been done on a similar block by M3 ( but I wanted to create my own and slowly develop it over time to fit in with my custom tweaks. It uses some simple AJAX to submit the form so it stays inside the block.

The block uses the “Twitter for PHP” class created by David Grudl. ( ( so I will be able to make use of upgrades on this project as and when they are released.

Future upgrades will include:

  • Retrieving Twitter posts from your friends list
  • Embedding Twitter user photos
  • An ajax popup in My Moodle Bar to allow quick status updates
  • Automatic tweeting when a user completes a quiz, submits and assignment or posts to a forum
  • Sign on to Moodle with your Twitter ID
  • Posting to a Twitter Wall which will become an Activity Type within Moodle

Please feel free to give it a try, but please…back up your Moodle site first and don’t use it on a production server! It’s still in beta. Please leave some comments on this page for me.

Download the block here

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