Site Wide User Grade Report

In FE and HE Colleges and Universities students are often enrolled onto various modules (Moodle Courses) that make up the degree or qualification.

Assignments are therefore scattered across multiple Moodle courses and there is no way for a tutor to see ALL the grades a particular student has received all in one place.  Currently the tutor needs to go into each assignment to view the grades, or the view the gradebook for each course.

To get around this and to streamline the admin process I have written a report called Student Marks/Grades.  It’s basically an admin report that allows a user to search against the student IDNUMBER field and return all the grades, comments and feedback associated with each Moodle Assignment.

The report is an admin report that uses the view:reports capability.  It works with both standard Moodle grades and scales.
The code can definitely be improved and needs updating for Moodle 2.3+ but for now it works well.

The report is now currently in beta use at Leeds College of Music and is slowly becoming more bespoke as requests are added.


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