Moodle iPhone Video Detection – FLV’s now play MP4’s instead!

In order to maintain compatibility standards we use FLV files for all of our videos in Moodle.  This then uses JPlayer to stream the video.  However, JPlayer is a flash tool and therefore videos do not work on the iPhone.

To get around this I have embedded my iPhone detection script into mod/file resource on Moodle.  I then upload an .mp4 version of the same file, in the same folder as the .flv version.

The script then detects an iPhone, removes the .flv extension and replaces it with an .mp4 extension.  This then redirects the file to the default player on the iPhone.

Now everytime we link to an .flv video in Moodle we simply upload a .mp4 version to the same folder.

Now all of our iPhone users can view all of our videos on Moodle!

Only 1 problem remains….converting all our existing videos to Mp4!  I’ll put the kettle on.

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