Microsoft Live Services Plugin for Moodle

The new code released by Microsoft allows users to log in using their LIVE ID and integrate their calendar events and email in Moodle.  As Martin Dougiamas noted, LIVE uses the same API’s as Exchange Server so integrating into a private college exchange server should be fairly straight forward.

Imagine the MyMoodle page displaying unread emails in a block?  And even retrieving them via a HTTP interface?  But what excited me the most is perhaps the integration of Windows Live SkyDrive, the free 25gig storage solution hosted by Microsoft.  Imagine a 25 gig student profile area with document sharing?

During this quiet period (summer holidays), I shall be looking Online slots at integrating our private exchange server with Moodle to initially check for staff emails and to integrate Outlook calendars with course events.

And lastly, I’ll be looking at ways to integrate SkyDrive.  I only hope that Google do the same, GMail and Docs integration would be fantastic.


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