New MyMoodle Idea: Moodle Folders

As I’ve said many times before, I love the MyMoodle page and I’m always looking for ways in which to improve it. So my colleague and I, Sukhwant Lota (@sukhwantlota) set about creating Moodle Folders.

We needed something new for the start of the summer term and we needed a custom way to sort long course lists on the MyMoodle page. Being avid fans of Google Mail and Docs we liked the idea of using tags and labels, so in effect this is how Moodle Folders works. The user simply creates a tag/folder which is assigned to a course.

Users can have as many or as few folders as they please and can name them anything they like, for example:

Courses I have editing rights to, or Courses I study on a Tuesday Evening etc…

The project is still under development and there is still a fair of bit of coding required to get it right. Once you start coding something like this its all too easy to get carried away with ideas such as drag and drop, custom icons, icon uploads and inline editing and it’s hard to know when to stop!

The video above shows how far we have got so far. I hope this video inspires a few people to create some funky MyMoodle customisations.

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