The Moodle Dashboard

As an active XBOX gamer I really like the XBOX Gamercard that allows you to view your score and game progress and compare this with other users.

In fact, I liked the idea so much that I built a Moodle version. 

The Moodle dashboard keeps a running total of the messages you send and receive, along with forum posts and blog entries.  Users receive points for completing surveys and questionnaires, uploading assignments, taking quizzes etc…  Points equate to a star rating system similar to that of eBay. 

The user type is based upon log activity.  The more active you are in the log table the greater the user type displayed on the dashboard.

Students at our college are now all competing for Moodle points to compare with their friends.

I have since added some extra fields so that we can award Moodle points manually.  This is useful if we want to award points for a competition or for attendance.

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