Moodle Tip: Change the default popup file window size

One of the most frustrating things about Moodle is the popup window that opens when a tutor uploads a file. Not only does it open in a small window but it often crops of the side of the screen with the “choose” option.

Many tutors then miss out this vital step of clicking choose and often place a checkbox next to the filename instead.

So we set about trying to find the code in Moodle which changes the size of the popup window (by default this is set to 750px x 500px).

To change this to something larger simply navigate to the page lib/form/choosecoursefile.php

And around line 24 change the variables to the following:

var $_options = array(‘courseid’=>null,
‘height’=>500, ‘width’=>1000, ‘options’=>’none’);

Now when this window is opened it is large enough to see the file name and the actions.

My next project is to go about re-writing the file manager page to make it more attractive and innvoative and easy-to-use! Watch this space…

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