Moodle Task list enhances MyMoodle Page

Today I created a Moodle Task List (MTL) which further enhances the custom MyMoodle page.

The Moodle Task List works by checking a series of database queries to see whether or not a student (or staff member) has completed a certain activity or visited a certain page.

The queries are modular and extra queries can easily be “bolted” on to the list.

This task list will work great for our inductions at the start of the new term. The list will prompt the student to do the following:

  • Update their profile picture
  • Create a blog entry
  • Complete a survey
  • View the Moodle induction course
  • View the Library area
  • and much more…

When the student has completed the task then it is removed from the list!

During the term we can add more tasks as and when we need them. These can include assignments, forum posts and basically any element from within Moodle or other college systems, even things like password expiry reminders and printer credits remaining!

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