Moodle Course Quick Edit Bar

Today I finished working on the quick course edit bar. The bar appears once the “Turn editing On” button is selected. The bar drops down beneath the breadcrumb trail to reveal 3 of the most common settings that our tutors have problems finding under the course settings.

Often, tutors wish to change the number of topics/weeks to show as they hide resources in topics which are not visible. In order to do this they must click on settings, change the topics, click save, then make the necessary changes and then repeat the process in order to hide the topic. This is too long winded so a new solution was required.

So as a result, I created the Quick Edit bar which speeds up the process. The tutor can also edit the course idnumber from here and also change the course format type. So they can quickly change between weeks/topics at the click of the button.

Depending on the feedback I get from tutors I may add some extra functionality to the bar such as a course start date.

I’ll let you know if it’s been successful and maybe submit it to the Moodle tracker for consideration.

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