Book Review: Moodle 1.9 Teaching Techniques

This has quickly become of my favourite Moodle books as it offers something completely different. The book focuses on using Moodle as a teaching tool and mixes both the technical know-how and the pedagogical theory to great effect.

This book is ideal for any teacher/tutor who wants to use Moodle interactively. The book teaches the reader how to build an effective online course by promoting the use of the book module, forums, workshops, wikis and other core activities. The use of groups and groupings are not only explained but also put into practice.

The book assumes you have prior knowledge of working with Moodle and is therefore able to cut out a lot of the basic tutorials you find on the web and concentrate exclusively on the core components you wish to build upon.

The sections on Forums and Lessons are exemplary and of great use to those tutors who wish to really get to grips with the interactive elements of Moodle and feed these into the gradebook.

This book should really be considered as somewhat of a Moodle Bible for tutors/teachers as it really is quite indispensable for those who wish to use Moodle as it was originally intended. The days of repository style teaching would be numbered if more people followed the great examples found in here.

If you need to convince tutors about the benefits of using interactivity then lend them a copy of this book.

The tutorials are clearly explained and illustrated and most of all they are relevant to todays teaching.

I heartily recommend this book to all schools/colleges, we are certainly buying several copies for our institution.

It’s fantastic!

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