My Moodle 2.0 Upgrade Journey Part 4 (Final)

My Moodle 2.0 Upgrade Journey Part 4 (Final)

Moodle 2.0 is now live at the Leeds City College!

It’s been a very busy week but we finally got there.  It’s by no means finished.  There are still lots of little tweaks needed throughout the summer but it’s working – which wasn’t an easy task.

After the upgrade I found that many of the links to resources were not working, even though the fields were correctly associated with them.  It turns out this has something to do with the description fields being empty and the priority ID order.  There’s plenty of discussion about this in the Moodle forums.

I managed to patch the early version of Moodle 2.0 with the latest release and it fixed the broken links problem.

The upgrade has however caused errors with the theme selector.  It appears as though I can only select one theme, not too much of an issue at this stage but something I will have to repair later.

The book module upgrade went well and I’ve decided to leave the Questionnaire Module out in favour of the new Feedback Module. Moodle folders doesn’t fully work yet as it’s not Moodle 2.0 ready but LDAP and Database Enrollments are fully restored and things look promising.

For the rest of the week I’ll be installing the various repositories and wait for our college tutors to come knocking at the door wondering why everything has changed.




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