Moodle: PowerPoint white screen when opened in Internet Explorer

For some strange reason, when a user clicks on a PowerPoint from within Moodle that is set to "New Window" they are prompted with the Open, Save, Cancel Box.  But when they click open, PowerPoint is launched and the presentation displays an empty white screen.

I think it has something to do with the TEMP folder and the way IE references this folder.  This bug only seems to happen on campus and works fine with Firefox, Chrome etc…

As a quick fix I edited file.php in the Moodle root directory.

And changed the line:

    $forcedownload = optional_param('forcedownload', 0, PARAM_BOOL);


    $forcedownload = optional_param('forcedownload', 1, PARAM_BOOL);

Now all PowerPoints open fine as we have set the gloal variable to 1 which means all files are set to force download.

I hope this tip helps other users with the same issue.

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