Leeds City College Moodle Goes Live!

Leeds City College Moodle Goes Live!

The new Leeds City College Moodle has now gone live.  The new Moodle will include all the courses from 2 previous Moodle installations and 1 Blackboard installation.

The new Moodle is load balanced using 3 web servers and 2 database servers and is expected to serve in excess of 30,000 students.

We have worked tirelessly on the new design which is more bold and beautiful than previous themes and we have added lots of new features.  Several of the old features have been modified to improve performance and huge parts of the code have been tweaked to include features requested by staff at the college.

We have a 3 stage development plan in progress (this is stage 1) so expect Leeds City College Moodle to get even better during this academic term.

There will be a greater emphasis on guest areas so external visitors to the site can get a feel for what it is like studying online at Leeds City College.

Please take a look: http://moodle.leedscitycollege.ac.uk

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