Moodle (Tweet) Deck

This tool is still very much in beta but I thought I’d write about it’s developments.

I often refer to my Online Users page to see who’s on Moodle but this doesn’t tell me where the activity is.  I wanted a tool like TweetDeck that would display all the activity on Moodle and show me where people are so I can guage what goes on at certain times of the day.

The deck provides me with links to the courses and links to the users profile.  It allows me to establish usage patterns and at a glance I can see the entire Moodle system. 

I decided to base the system on TweetDeck as I love the 3 column layout in this app.

The page refreshes every minute and provides an up-to-date realtime snapshot using live queries.

It works even better with Google Chrome as I can make it into a Gears App and launch it direct from my desktop and have it running next to Outlook whilst I’m at work and as a webpage when I’m on an iPod or mobile device.

Here is the screenshot:

Moodle Deck v0.1b



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