Moodle Twitter Post Block

Twitter PostI have just finished an early release of my Moodle Twitter Block.  The block simply allows you to post a tweet to a Twitter account.  At present it asks you to enter your Twitter username and password but I will be customising this to pull the data from user profile fields already in Moodle.  A lot of work has already been done on a similar block by M3 ( but I wanted to create my

Moodle Bar almost ready for public release

My Moodle bar is almost ready for public release.  I have cleaned the code up (a lot), the bar now installs with just one simple PHP include tag in the footer of your Moodle theme.  The buttons now have a CSS based tooltip rollover (like Facebook).  I just have a few Internet Explorer 7 glitches to take care of.

I am also planning a notifications module for the bar which will alert users of messages, deadlines and calendar events.

Journal feedback stripslash inserts causing problems

As many of you may know, journal feedback in Moodle is via a text box and not a WYSIWYG editor.  So when a tutor leaves feedback containing an apostrophe, a stripslash (backslash) is inserted into the text.  This is fine and I understand the (MySQL) reasons why, however… my tutors do not!  Each time a tutor saves new feedback, an extra stripslash is added. After many edits the feedback is littered with stripslashes.

So as a temporary fix I have removed the stripslashes by modifying /mod/journal/report.php.

By replacing the line:

Course icons on MyMoodle page

This is a simple idea, but very effective nevertheless.

I have made it even easier to find courses in the MyMoodle course list by placing category icons next to each course name.

Courses in the Sport Category have a small football icon, IT courses have a floppy disc, Tutorial courses have a question mark symbol and so on.

The script works by first checking for a .png file with the name of the category ID.  If it finds the file it will include the icon, if an icon has not yet been created for the category then it will show the default icon.

Subtitles in Moodle Video FLV Resources

Using Jplayer 4.5.230 it is possible to include subtitles on Moodle videos.  The subtitles are encoded in an XML file which includes the timings and content.

In order to achieve this in Moodle there are a few core code tweaks to perform including a Jplayer upgrade.

To see Moodle Subtitles (close captions) in action visit the link below:

Moodle Course Quick Edit Bar

Today I finished working on the quick course edit bar.  The bar appears once the “Turn editing On” button is selected.  The bar drops down beneath the breadcrumb trail to reveal 3 of the most common settings that our tutors have problems finding under the course settings.

Moodle Task list enhances MyMoodle Page

Today I created a Moodle Task List (MTL) which further enhances the custom MyMoodle page.

The Moodle Task List works by checking a series of database queries to see whether or not a student (or staff member) has completed a certain activity or visited a certain page.

The queries are modular and extra queries can easily be “bolted” on to the list.

This task list will work great for our inductions at the start of the new term.  The list will prompt the student to do the following: