Moodle iPhone Screenshots

We have finished our version of Moodle for the iPhone.  It is not an iPhone app but we have made it look like one.

The script uses a PHP script to determine the User Agent.  If the User Agent equals “iPhone” then we tell Moodle to load the iPhone stylesheet.

New Moodle MP3 Player Skin

I have created a new skin for the MP3 player in Moodle.  It looks much better than the default one.  When I get more time I will create some more and make them available for download.


Full Screen Moodle FLV video

At last! I found the time to fix this!

The fact that Moodle does not support full screen FLV playback is something that has troubled me since day one.  The button is there and many staff and students complained that when clicked it did nothing. After sifting through the code I managed to gain a much deeper understanding of the player and noticed that the fullscreen attribute is not included in the standard Moodle distribution.

Speed up Moodle using indexes

Creating an index on the mdl_log table against info speeds up a standard Moodle installation.  Some users have reported huge performance increases, so much so that people have suggested that this be in the standard Moodle build by default. 

So far I have noticed some improvements but nothing quite as fantastic as other users are reporting, having said that, maybe you may notice a speed increase to your site, try it leave me a comment here.