New MyMoodle Idea: Moodle Folders

As I’ve said many times before, I love the MyMoodle page and I’m always looking for ways in which to improve it. So my colleague and I, Sukhwant Lota (@sukhwantlota) set about creating Moodle Folders.

We needed something new for the start of the summer term and we needed a custom way to sort long course lists on the MyMoodle page. Being avid fans of Google Mail and Docs we liked the idea of using tags and labels, so in effect this is how Moodle Folders works. The user simply creates a tag/folder which is assigned to a course.

New Moodle MP3 Player Skin

I have created a new skin for the MP3 player in Moodle.  It looks much better than the default one.  When I get more time I will create some more and make them available for download.


Moodle Tip: Change the default popup file window size

One of the most frustrating things about Moodle is the popup window that opens when a tutor uploads a file.  Not only does it open in a small window but it often crops of the side of the screen with the “choose” option.

Many tutors then miss out this vital step of clicking choose and often place a checkbox next to the filename instead.

So we set about trying to find the code in Moodle which changes the size of the popup window (by default this is set to 750px x 500px).

Moodle iPhone Screenshots

We have finished our version of Moodle for the iPhone.  It is not an iPhone app but we have made it look like one.

The script uses a PHP script to determine the User Agent.  If the User Agent equals “iPhone” then we tell Moodle to load the iPhone stylesheet.

What’s in your Moodle Toolkit?

Most jobs require tools.  Plumbers need wrenches, joiners need saws, accountants need calculators, hairdressers need scissors.  But what does a Moodle Developer carry in their toolbox? 

This will differ depending on your Operating System but in terms of functionality, how many applications does a Moodle developer really need?